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Marshall Fine Arts is more than just a transport company. We provide a full range of services to assist museums, galleries, corporate and individual collectors, artists, foundries and fabricators, and other fine art service companies.

We protect, move, install and store some of their important works of art.

In addition, we provide consulting services to professionals in various other fields whose own clients require specialized expertise in handling artistic or historic objects.

CLICK HERE for a printable list of Marshall’s full range of services.

Art Handling and Crating

Marshall provides a full range of crating and packaging solutions, all of which are custom designed and created in our Long Island workshop by our own fabricators. We also offer retrofitting services to custom alter pre-existing crates for the client’s current needs.

Our most common containers include

  • Museum crates
  • Travel cases
  • Standard crates
  • Slat crates (aka skeleton crates or bird cages)
  • Foam board cases
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Corrugated Containers in Paper or Plastic
  • Soft Pack/Poly Wrap Service
  • Transit Skids

Fine Arts Services - Crating

MFA builds protective cases and crates in all shapes and sizes, with all sorts of interior bracing and protective cushioning configurations. We can deliver crates for your packing or pack them for you at your location or ours.

Marshall provides a full range of crating and packaging solutions:

  • Museum crates – for all encasing art objects, antiques and other fragile objects of all shapes and sizes
  • Travel cases – for protecting objects that must withstand the additional rigors of traveling to multiple venues
  • Standard crates, foam board cases, object trays and corrugated boxes – for protecting less delicate objects
  • Slat (or “skeleton”) crates – for large objects requiring less stringent protection and those having particularly unusual configurations
  • Skids (in both timber and metals) – for securely cradling large sculptural objects

Fine Art Service Details for Crating

  • Economical One-Way Cases
  • Museum Quality Travel Cases
  • Travel Frames
  • Flat Pack and Tray Cases
  • Cavity Packing
  • Brace Crates for Sculpture
  • Slot Cases
  • On-Site Packing and Fitting Services
  • Foam Board Cases
  • Bird Cage (Open Slat) Crates
  • Hand-Carry Cases
  • Corrugated Containers in Paper or Plastic
  • Soft Wrapping (with Standard or Archival Materials)

Fine Arts Services - Fabrication

Marshall has a fully equipped fabrication shop and a team of experienced fabrication personnel, enabling us to create a variety of unusual products for packaging, protecting, handling or installing art objects.

We can cut, bend, drill, weld and assemble stands, frames, supporting structures and all sorts of items in metal, wood, concrete and other materials.

For installation work, we can build concrete foundations or bases, strengthen walls or floors, and create custom-designed securing and hanging devices for even the most unusually configured objects. We can also build structural supports, metal frames and lifting baskets that better secure extremely heavy or extremely sensitive objects for transit.

Fine Arts Services - Installations

MFA provides museum-quality installation services for our clients and their art, whether they be paintings or sculptures, indoors or outdoors, tiny or colossal, and on the ground or high above it. The MFA team are experts at developing customized installation systems to safely maneuver the largest, trickiest works of art into precise locations.

We can handle it all from

  • Single Paintings to Full Collections and Exhibitions Installations
  • Residential and Commercial High Rise Crane Delivery
  • Architectural Artifacts
  • Municipal Monuments
  • Stone and Bronze Sculpture
  • Indoor and Outdoor Installations with Assembly

Fine Art Service Details for Installations

  • Museums, Commercial and Private Collections
  • Residential Installations (including Crane Delivery to High Rise Locations)
  • Painting Installations: Single Paintings to Full Collections and Exhibitions
  • Architectural Artifacts (Removals and Installations)
  • Municipal Monuments
  • Security Installations and Custom Mounting
  • Heavy Sculpture and Rigging Installations: Crane Capacities from One to 32 Tons, Fixed and Mobile
  • Stone and Bronze Sculpture Specialists
  • Outdoor Installations
  • Concrete Slab Fabrication
  • Mounts and Pedestals

Fine Arts Services - Rigging

Marshall is a long-time leader in rigging for fine arts. We have handled some of the most well-known, some of the largest, some of the most demanding works of art in the business.

Over the years we have developed a level of familiarity with large objects and a collection of customized equipment that enables us to lift monumental works of art, regardless of size, shape, or materials. We have developed an enormous array of techniques for dealing with each of the unique situations that come with each different work.

MFA is also skilled at hoisting large works of art into locations high above ground. We have years of experience at (and an array of custom-built equipment for) moving art objects into and out of high-rise buildings. Plus we know how to handle the complex permitting and regulatory challenges that come with these kinds of jobs.

CLICK HERE to contact Marshall on fine art rigging requirements or questions.

Fine Arts Services - Storage

MFA provides museum-quality storage for institutions, museums and galleries, as well as individual collectors. In addition to secure, climate-controlled storage, we can provide non-climate dry heated storage for empty crates. With over 20,000 sf, our storage facility can easily store oversized crates and artworks.

Other features of our Long Island storage facility include

  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring with CCTV on Premises
  • Direct Police and Fire Response
  • Climate Controlled Storage (Temperature and Humidity)
  • Non-Climate Heated Storage
  • Rack and Open Shelf Storage
  • Over-Height and Monumental Object Storage
  • Long-Term and Short-Term Storage
  • Exhibition Consolidations and Dispersals

Fine Art Service Details for Storage

  • Climate Controlled Storage (Temperature and Humidity)
  • Direct Police and Fire Response
  • Rack and Open Shelf Storage
  • Over-Height and Monumental Objects
  • Long-Term and Short-Term Storage
  • Private Rooms
  • Exhibition Consolidations and Dispersals
  • Empty Crate Storage
  • Non-Climate Heated Storage

Fine Arts Services - Transportation

Our fleet of trucks and trailers are custom equipped with climate control, air-ride suspension, cargo control logistics, and heavy duty lift gates to ensure the safety of everything we transport.

These are a few of the benefits you get with MFA

  • Two-Man Crews on All Trucks
  • Service to All 3 Major New York City Airports
  • Tri-State and Regional Transportation to New England and the Mid-Atlantic
  • Exclusive Use and Consolidated Transport Service to the Continental 48
  • GPS Tracking in all Vehicles
  • Trailer and Flatbed Service
  • International Shipping Arrangements via Air, Land, and Sea

Fine Art Service Details for Transport

  • Local and Regional Transportation: Exclusive Use and Consolidated
  • Local and Regional Airport Pick-Up Serving All Major New York Airports
  • Domestic and International Shipping Arrangements via Air, Ocean or Land
  • Two-Man Crews on All Trucks
  • GPS Tracking in all Vehicles
  • Trucks Equipped with Air-Ride Suspension, Climate Control and Heavy-Duty Lift Gates
  • Trailer and Flatbed (Fixed and Tilting Bed) Service