Marshall Fine Art Services
Board of Advisors

Marshall is committed to providing its clients with the most appropriate and most advanced solutions to the challenges of handling fine art objects. To that end, we have gathered together a board of experts from a wide variety of fields to support our own 40 years of experience.  These professionals are available to guide or assist Marshall when preparing for and executing technically demanding projects. 
Members of the Board of Advisors include:
Michael Angelich
Lisa Bruno
Joseph Chirillo
Millicent Danks
Ron DeMarchis
Jerry Jeritano
Arthur Kaliski
Robin Klopfer
Doug Kwart
Michael Morris
Dave O’Connell
Peter Pantalio
Suzanne Quigley
Marc-Christian Roussel
Frank Sansone
Edward Spiess
William Stender
William Titus
Specialty skills represented by the Board include installation, object conservation and patinas, mountmaking, rigging and crane operations, materials science (including specialists in stone, bronze, ceramics, paper and tapestry), framing, fabrication and metal work, as well as specialists in the fields of paintings, furniture, folk art and other areas.